Adolescent Battles

Children are a constant battle. Their bite is much stronger than their bark. They are full of life. They are happy, they are sad. They pull at the heart’s strings. They are angels when they cry. They disrespect and humiliate. They are demons in disguise. They take all the good done for them, and turn it into a disaster, turning all positives to negatives. They try to love, but do they even know how to love? Do they have a good example to learn by? If they aren’t showed consistent love, how can they be expected to love in return?

Children are mockers of what they see. So who is to blame for their faults? Who should take credit for their wrongdoings? If they have not been taught to do right through actions, how will they know how to carry out good actions themselves? They are blamed for being a mockery of who they want to be. They are attacked and punished for every flaw that they possess. Children act as mirror images of those they love. They strive to be just like them. So if the ways the children act bother the soul, do something about it. Change what they see, change the actions they will soon mock. Stop blaming them for looking up to someone who has many faults, many flaws, of their own.

Changing isn’t easy. Making wrong things right is not going to happen overnight. It takes time. But first, it takes someone willing enough to look within themselves and see the negative. No one is perfect. The pride and the ego of oneself should be set aside while the self evaluation is in process. “Do I love like I should?” “Do I show respect, do I appreciate?” “What can I do to make others feel better about themselves?” “What can I do differently to make my surroundings happier?”

Look in the mirror. Know where the problem began. If one fails to love, respect, or appreciate themselves, then showing those actions to others is nearly impossible. It all starts from within the soul, in the heart. After oneself is found, everything else will fall into place.




  1. My goodness, I fumed as soon as I read the first paragraph which I seemed wasn’t true to its words, but then as I digged deeper, I could understand and relate to what you were trying to convey. Absolute masterclass is how I would rate this post of yours :)..


  2. Great post ^ I had the same sentiments until I read through the whole post. Children are morphed by their family, environment, school and friends.


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