Emotionally Twisted

The worst thing anyone could do to someone emotionally is stop speaking to them without an explanation. Do you have any idea what that does to their self-esteem?? They will sit for hours at a time, thinking of every single bad thing about them, just to wonder if that’s the reason, and still not know. It tears them apart. Makes them hate themselves. But, even more, it crushes any bit of trust they had in their body.

It spins their mind into a crazy whirlpool of fault. Even when they know the answer is “Nothing”, the question repeats itself, “What did I do?” “What did I do?” The mind plays games. The more they think, the more they are convinced that they are the reason for the silence. “Did I say something wrong? Did I fail to do something? Maybe it was something I didn’t say?” The silence is deafening. The voices argue. It’s a war between the mind, the truth, and the unknown reason.

It has them counting their flaws. “Does the reason have to do with how I look?” “Maybe my beauty isn’t seen anymore.” Looking in the mirror will never be the same. They will start to notice flaws they don’t even have. Picking out every little detail, and ripping it into pieces. Breaking down every step of confidence that took them their entire lives to build up.


Anger sets in. The heart is bleeding. The stomach is in knots. The body is shutting down. Who are they mad at, who do they blame? Themselves. Looking back… “I could have done this.” “I should have done that.” “Maybe, I could have fixed this before it ended.” But, in reality, nothing is their fault. There is absolutely nothing they could have done to stop the silence before it began.

It isn’t them at all. The problem is in the one that once told them every day, that they make them smile, that they are great in every way, that they are beautiful. The one they will always see as “Perfect.” To shut someone out without a word, takes great nerve, someone without a conscience. It was going to happen, because, when someone doesn’t know what they want, doesn’t care, or when someone isn’t sure of themselves, they tend to throw the best things that come to the wolves.

It takes a demented soul to put someone through this kind of antagonizing pain and anguish. It only takes a moment to tell someone that you don’t want to talk to them anymore. A “Screw you, I’m done!” is a lot easier to take than unknown silence. If they were worth talking to in the beginning, then they are entitled to some kind of explanation as to why everything has faded. Some people should think about more than themselves. Tearing up the innocents of another is seriously twisted. It’s time they get their shit together, and look at what they have. Appreciate, love, and enjoy the happiness that the other brings to them. No matter the relationship, no one should ever be left in the dark about anything. It only destroys them from the inside out. It takes a lifetime to rebuild what only takes a minute to burn.

Sad thing, they will still think nothing but good about the one who did this. They will never think differently of them. They will always want them around. They will never shut them out. Why? Because they have a beautiful heart. No matter what the mind feeds the body, the heart still finds a way to pick up the pieces that have been ripped apart, and put them back together. They will never be angry with the one who made them dig deep within their self. This will only make them stronger than they once were.

-S. M.


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  1. You’ve so poignantly captured the frailty, confusion, and abject misery of a broken and disillusioned heart…and, did such a beautiful job of turning the tables and shining a light on the resilience that will ensure that the damaged soul recovers from the betrayal of someone too cowardly to embrace a compassionate approach to ending something they no longer treasured. Thanks for sharing…so very well done 🙂

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