Bipolar Impulses

Life is stressful. Working sucks. Raising children isn’t easy. Other people are idiots, and get under the skin. The smallest of things trigger the rage inside the body. What is heard, what is seen. Twisted feelings, twisted thoughts. One becomes angry. The mind and the body are at war. The mind then fills the body with negativity. The mind throws punches with voices… “You are wrong!” “Nothing you do will ever be right!” “You’ll never be happy!” “You’re not enough!” “Nothing you do will ever be good enough!” “It’s your looks, your attitude, the way you carry yourself!” “You are worthless!”

The intelligence is tested. The mind is frenzied. The heart is shattered. Emotions run crazy. The short fuse is lit. It’s only a matter of seconds before the explosion goes off. The feeling comes from deep within the soul. It can be felt rising to the surface. There isn’t enough time to look for an out. What is there to do? Where is there to go?

Taking it out on anyone is not an option. Keeping it bottled up inside will only make the blast cause more destruction. Being alone may cause harm. However, being alone could possibly be the answer. Away from everything. Away from everyone. Silence in a dark room. Nothing in sight. Nothing to hear. Clearing the mind of all thoughts. Relaxing the soul.

Just breathing….


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