Daily Prompt: Filthy

Filthy is a word that can describe a lot of different things, people, places, etc. I’ll start within my own home. I am a very clean, neat freak when it comes to my surroundings, however, my 11yr old daughter is the complete opposite. Her room… well.. it is a disaster, a FILTHY DISASTER! You can’t even see her beautiful wood floor. Clothes, clean or dirty? Who knows? Not even her. Trash lying here and there. Dishes… Wait! She isn’t even allowed to eat in her room. Closet doors always open, bed never made, you can see the mattress for God’s sake. It is Filthy, and it drives me insane. The only room in the entire home that is a mess. Also, the attitude of children these days… Filthy! Disrespectful!

Thanks for the word, sorry for the vent, but thanks!

via Daily Prompt: Filthy


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