Anew without you…

securedownload-11Missing a loved one on the holidays is completely new for my family. My mother-in-law, my Mom, became my Angel October 8, 2016. Dealing with every day is hard enough, and now the holidays are here… I will visit her grave site today. With tears falling, I’m sure, I will place a single red rose and a few words from my heart down where she was placed to rest. Family gatherings don’t seem to be a plan this year, and my heart is crushed they all feel that way. All she asked was for everyone to get alone, and gather together at least for one holiday a year. My words I will lay today…

This year… without you… for the very first time…
You… Our rock, our glue, our strength… Gone.
Our hearts are lost, our minds at bay…
We love, and miss you more each day.
Now that you’re in Heaven,
Holidays will never be the same.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, without you…
It’s the beginning of our hardest days.
This doesn’t feel right, it just can’t be real.
You should be here to enjoy this special day and meal.
It’s hard to be thankful on this day, that’s for sure…
Because, our time with you has ended, it is no more.
In all, I am still thankful for a few good things.
I am thankful for the time I had with you,
For all the things you taught me how to do.
I am thankful for all the love you gave to me,
All our talks, and happy memories.
I miss you more every day.
You were very special to me, in a different kind of way.
Your one request for us to do was to be sure to pull out a chair for you.
Starting anew without you here, will be the hardest thing to do.
But at our table every year, I promise to set a place for you.
I will try my best to carry on your tradition.
To gather in your honor, will be my very mission.
Brokenhearted this time of year, please visit us and give us cheer.
I love you, mom, with everything in me, heart and soul, I cry for you…


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