Overworked and Underpaid!

Appreciation goes a long way, show it. Stop patting me on the back for a job well done, and start patting me on my wallet. Adding to my work load, without advancement, will only make me not like the job I once loved.

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Life changes when someone close passes away.

No matter how a person goes, no matter how old or how young,
no matter how fast or how slow they pass… they pass.

They are gone. Continue reading

Exquisite – Daily Post

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Life is exquisite.

By that, I mean, life is beautiful, but fragile.

Every “one life” shines like the sun in their own way. Every “one life” is that special light to another’s.

“One life” is all one is granted. It is fragile. It is beautiful. It should be cherished. Not taken for granted.

When that “one life” is lost, the most exquisite kind of agony is felt amongst the living. Family grieves. 

In the link below, a family is asking for Prayes & Shares. Please & Thank you.

Funeral Funds For My Nephew

Daily Post

Heart and Heartache

Life. So fragile. Not promised. Limited. Unknown.

You never know when things will turn sour for yourself. You aren’t promised tomorrow, or even the next minute. Expected or unexpected, life will end. Everyone has to go through it. We live to die. We love and hold close to cry and let go. Continue reading