Life changes when someone close passes away.

No matter how a person goes, no matter how old or how young,
no matter how fast or how slow they pass… they pass.

They are gone.

Those close to them have to readjust their life.

The daily routine is altered drastically.

One finds oneself doing things that became a habit, a lifestyle.

And now, these things are no longer necessary, but hard to change.

Waving at a closed door, or smiling when walking into a room to have a talk,
just to feel the heart break a little more.

Buying something they would love, and then realizing it can’t be given to them.

Picking up the phone to call them at home, only to hear it’s been disconnected.

Life has been disconnected, torn away from everything and everyone.

Living without that someone in one’s life, feels impossible.

Listening to and walking with them has now become
visiting and talking to them on cold burial grounds.

Everything reminds one of them.

Some memories bring happiness, others bring sorrow.

All of which, make one wish, they could have them back for tomorrow.

Looking up to the sky to say hello, or down to see their name.

Time still goes on, but nothing will ever be the same.

The sweet sound of their voice, the beautiful look in their eyes,

a gentle touch of their hand, or the warmth of a hug.

The little things that made one love that person are no more.

That one person’s life had a major impact on other lives.

Those lives, one day, will also pass.

Life is a cycle.

One lives to learn, to love, to let go, and to be let go.



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