Emotionally Twisted

The worst thing anyone could do to someone emotionally is stop speaking to them without an explanation. Do you have any idea what that does to their self-esteem?? They will sit for hours at a time, thinking of every single bad thing about them, just to wonder if that’s the reason, and still not know. It tears them apart. Makes them hate themselves. But, even more, Continue reading


Adolescent Battles

Children are a constant battle. Their bite is much stronger than their bark. They are full of life. They are happy, they are sad. They pull at the heart’s strings. They are angels when they cry. They disrespect and humiliate. They are demons in disguise. They take all the good done for them, and turn it into a disaster, turning all positives to negatives. They try to love, but do they even know how to love? Do they have a good example to learn by? If they aren’t showed consistent love, Continue reading